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14 May 2011

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17 March 2017

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26 June 2017

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12 June 2017

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thatched roof
21 May 2017

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red lighthouse
14 May 2017

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2 May 2017

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drinking fountain
22 February 2017

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15 January 2017

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one leaf on a car bonnet
10 November 2016

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16 March 2016

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red bike
7 January 2016

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square knot
6 November 2015

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4 November 2015

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game over
25 October 2013

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ship's rigging
9 October 2013

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28 July 2013

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selling flowers
30 July 2010

Recent Comments

Lai Chan See on nectar

L'Angevine on grazing sheeps

Shaun on flowers
Wonderful color and detail on these flowers.

Devi on grazing sheeps
So cute :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Hiro on grazing sheeps
The little lamb is so cute

Shaun on grazing sheeps
Always calming watching sheep grazing. Great shot of the little lamb with it's mother.

L'Angevine on wooden fence

L'Angevine on blue-green
bien ces bleus

Devi on wooden fence
nice fence and look pretty good with the spiky tops!!!! Pierce any one who dares to trespass this !

beach on wooden fence
Simple but nice

Shaun on wooden fence
I really like the simplicity of these fences. A really nice image.

omid on blue-green
:) Lovely!

L'Angevine on little stars

Devi on blue-green
that's lovely !! So Asiatic :))

Shaun on blue-green
A superb image of the pot holder. Excellent color.

Hiro on blue-green
lovely flower pot

Devi on little stars
How lovely these pretty flowers look !

L'Angevine on red poppies

Shaun on little stars
A magnificent presentation. 5*

Hiro on little stars
very beautiful

Devi on red poppies
Gorgeous !! I love those white daisies too :)))))

L'Angevine on sweet william

Lai Chan See on red poppies
Brilliantly red.

Hiro on red poppies
very beautiful

Shaun on red poppies
Superb color and wonderful detail in this image.

Mhelene on sweet william
Lovely bouquets of flowers . Beautiful colors .

L'Angevine on daylight
bien les feuilles

Jypyä Pop on sweet william
Flowers are fin thing in life.. I like then lot...

Shaun on sweet william
A superb look at these flowers, always nice to see in a garden.

Devi on sweet william
Aw!!! They are sooooooo pretty !

Hiro on sweet william
Very sweet !!

Mhelene on daylight
Wonderful composition with the light !

omid on daylight
Lovely colors & lights!

Devi on daylight
what lovely light here...wonderful !!!!

L'Angevine on sweet cherries

Shaun on daylight
Nice light through the trees, and wonderful green leaves.

Hiro on daylight
Have a nice day !

Shaun on sweet cherries
Excellent desert. Look's wonderful and begging to be eaten.

Devi on sweet cherries
this is yummylicious !!!!!!!

L'Angevine on blooming rhododendron

Hiro on sweet cherries
Yeah, loos so sweet ! Let me have some !

Hiro on blooming rhododendron
Gorgeous !!

Devi on delicate poppy flower
lovely flowers :)

Devi on petunia
amazing blossoms :)

Devi on blooming rhododendron
fabulous image !

L'Angevine on petunia

Shaun on blooming rhododendron
As Always. A superb presentation. Excellent color and detail in this image. 5*

Bep on petunia
Nice picture and a beautyfull color.

L'Angevine on delicate poppy flower

Shaun on petunia
You really do present these images so well. This is excellent. 5*

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