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wedding cake
12 August 2018

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baby greenfinch I
31 May 2018

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flotsam at the elbe-river
28 February 2018

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church clock
31 January 2018

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traffic sign
30 January 2018

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2 May 2017

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one leaf on a car bonnet
10 November 2016

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16 March 2016

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red bike
7 January 2016

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square knot
6 November 2015

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at the coast
26 October 2013

Thumbnail image

game over
25 October 2013

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ship's rigging
9 October 2013

Thumbnail image

28 July 2013

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selling flowers
30 July 2010

Recent Comments

Steven on September Roses
Beautiful scarlet red captured in this rose!!

Willem on September Roses
Wow a beauty, roses and photo, fine details and sharpness.

Ruthiebear on September Roses
I love how the buds frame the bloom

Hiro on September Roses
I like roses. Nice shot.

Marjolein on September Roses
Wonderful roses

Existence Artistique on September Roses

Shaun on September Roses
Your focusing is excellent A superb image of these roses. 5*

Mhelene on September Roses
Beautiful composition.

omid on long mane and forelock
:) Lovely portrait.

omid on September Roses
Lovely roses!

pascale on September Roses
great capture and idd lovely red !

Jypyä Pop on September Roses
Lovely red...

Michael Rawluk on long mane and forelock
That is a lovely shot.

rbassin on long mane and forelock
superbe cadrage

Adela Fonts on long mane and forelock

Ruthiebear on long mane and forelock
Adorable close up

claudiel on long mane and forelock
Bien nette

Mhelene on long mane and forelock
Superb framing ! Beautiful !

Shaun on long mane and forelock
Excellent detail with superb color. 5*

Hiro on long mane and forelock
nice original framing

Existence Artistique on long mane and forelock

pascale on long mane and forelock
nice detail

Jypyä Pop on long mane and forelock
Interesting detail on the harness.

Hiro on sunflower
nice color combination !

omid on sunflower

Willem on sunflower
Beautifully photographed, nicely framed as well.

Shaun on sunflower
Excellent color and detail . Excellent image.

Mhelene on sunflower
A superb yellow which illuminate this wonderful framing . I am here today ( thanks to a "day connection") to ...

sherri on sunflower
this is so beautifully composed

Existence Artistique on sunflower

pascale on sunflower

Jypyä Pop on sunflower
Yellow sun is rising....hooray

Hiro on Crown Gate
Really gorgeous gate !

Michael Rawluk on Crown Gate
Such amazing workmanship.

Willem on Crown Gate
Great detail shot of the Zwinger palace in Dresden.

Shaun on Crown Gate
A superb image. I have been there. 5*

Ruthiebear on Crown Gate
Majestic looking

Marjolein on Crown Gate
What is Dresden wonderful hè ? I recognice this crown

Existence Artistique on Crown Gate
Bien cette diagonale

Jypyä Pop on Crown Gate
Then before, the old times were beautiful.

Michael Rawluk on door knobs
I love them. I wish I had some like them.

Steven on door knobs
Such ornate detail captured in these door knobs! How nice to see that they were designed with the handicapped in mind. ...

Ruthiebear on door knobs
Love the symmetry captured here

Hiro on door knobs
very nice design

Shaun on door knobs
These door Knobs are really good. They look old and when they are cleaned they must look so good. A nice find.

Existence Artistique on door knobs

Jypyä Pop on door knobs
Old desinge is art

Steve Rice on reflections
Lovely architecture and reflections.

Willem on reflections
A very well exposed photo with fine reflections.

Hiro on reflections
very beautiful

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