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14 May 2011

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17 March 2017

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23 May 2018

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traffic sign
30 January 2018

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1 December 2017

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21 November 2017

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sparkling stars
25 October 2017

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19 September 2017

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blue flower
31 July 2017

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thatched roof
21 May 2017

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2 May 2017

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one leaf on a car bonnet
10 November 2016

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16 March 2016

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red bike
7 January 2016

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square knot
6 November 2015

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game over
25 October 2013

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ship's rigging
9 October 2013

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28 July 2013

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selling flowers
30 July 2010

Recent Comments

Jypyä Pop on Larch
Summery green. Gorgeous

Marjolein on Larch
Beautiful is the fresh green, is not it?

Devi on Larch
lovely splash of green :)

Hiro on Larch
beautiful young green !

Mhelene on Larch
Wonderful green and light ! Beautiful composition.

Existence Artistique on lilac

Eye for Beauty on leaves

Hiro on lilac
nice capture

Devi on lilac
lovely splash of green...beautiful tend4er leaves

Eye for Beauty on underpass

Existence Artistique on pigeon in the garden

Adela Fonts on pigeon in the garden
Great shot!

omid on pigeon in the garden
Lovely pigeon!

Marjolein on pigeon in the garden
beautiful caught

Hiro on pigeon in the garden
nice capture

Jypyä Pop on leaves
Stunning, almost like painting.

Jypyä Pop on pigeon in the garden
Pretty bird.

Devi on into the green
Lovely mood here.Just went through the images *I had missed...was travelling..Loved the splash of pink flowers too and ...

Devi on yellow pansy
Brilliant colours and capture....l

Devi on leaves
wow...this is beautiful...Love this :)

Devi on pigeon in the garden
aw..a crisp shot here !

Mhelene on leaves
Superb treatment and beautiful colors .

Existence Artistique on leaves
superbe ce traitement

Franz on leaves
Ein sehr schöner 'textiler' Blick ins Grüne ... ;-)

Hiro on leaves
Beautifully done !!

Existence Artistique on yellow pansy

mo.langel on yellow pansy
Beautiful composition and colors!

omid on yellow pansy
Lovely colors & lights!

Hiro on yellow pansy
Fantastic yellow !

Existence Artistique on underpass

Hiro on underpass
very nice colors !

Marjolein on underpass
What a colors together.

Gérard on underpass
For once, an underground passage that is not scary!

Mhelene on into the green
Lovely composition , as if we are inside !

Jypyä Pop on into the green
Yes, green is color of spring...

Franz on busy Lizzie
Meisterhaft, vor allem wie du die Farben rüber bringst! (Mir war der englische Name des Fleißigen Lieschens ...

Existence Artistique on busy Lizzie

MEC on busy Lizzie
So beautiful!

Jypyä Pop on busy Lizzie
St7unning flowers

Mhelene on busy Lizzie
Beautiful composition and superb presentation.

Marjolein on busy Lizzie
Special tints

Hiro on busy Lizzie
very beautiful

omid on pink flower
Lovely flowers & colors!

omid on windows

Existence Artistique on windows

Eye for Beauty on windows

Eye for Beauty on pink flower
beautiful. nice compo

Mhelene on windows
Beautiful composition.

Hiro on windows
Nice view !

Jypyä Pop on windows
Stunning work of art

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