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14 May 2011

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17 March 2017

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traffic sign
30 January 2018

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1 December 2017

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21 November 2017

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sparkling stars
25 October 2017

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19 September 2017

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26 August 2017

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blue flower
31 July 2017

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thatched roof
21 May 2017

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2 May 2017

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one leaf on a car bonnet
10 November 2016

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16 March 2016

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red bike
7 January 2016

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square knot
6 November 2015

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game over
25 October 2013

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ship's rigging
9 October 2013

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28 July 2013

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selling flowers
30 July 2010

Recent Comments

Devi on bench
Lovely bench..Is that a dog that is sleeping under.

Marjolein on bench
Mooi en uitnodigend bankje

Marjolein on snow-covered
Indeed a lot of snow and there is still coming !!

Ronnie 2¢ on snow-covered
Expresses the moment so well !

Existence Artistique on snow-covered
bien neigeux

omid on snow-covered
:) Amazing!

Mireille T. on snow-covered
Beautifully captured! I imagine the quantities of snow falling in your area!!!

Hiro on snow-covered
Ah, it is ! It's troublesome to remove it.

Becky on snowy bench
how beautiful... and soft.

Adela Fonts on snowy bench
A beautiful approach...

Existence Artistique on snowy bench
bien ce cadrage

Marjolein on snow
Nice (snow) structures

Marjolein on snowy bench
You had also a little bit snow ;-0

Devi on snowy bench
how beautiful !! Like white lines !!!!

Hiro on snowy bench
Beautiful lines !

Existence Artistique on snow
bien ce rendu

Devi on snow
Lovely !!!!

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Elbe River
Another very nice picture.

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on at the sea
I like a lot. Good composition

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on snow
Only a snow's bit and... a great picture. I like it.

Hiro on snow
Very beautiful !

MAU on Elbe River
Una magistral composición y encuadre.

Existence Artistique on Elbe River

Devi on Elbe River
Lovely reflection ! I love these rocks in the foreground :)

Devi on coppice woodland
wow..lovely carpet of leaves here with splashes of the green moss in the middle :)

Jeff & Pat on coppice woodland
I do hope you will shoot this again in the Spring, we'd love to see it bursting with fresh life . Patxx

franz on coppice woodland
Sehr ähnlich wie bei uns im Auwald entlang des Schwechat-Flusses! Ein 'sprechendes' Winterfoto - ohne ...

Jeff & Pat on church clock
Beautifully shot, I was just wondering where this is ??, as it seems familiar to me .

Existence Artistique on church clock

Devi on church clock
Looks superb! Wonderful framing !

franz on church clock
Ein sehr schöner Rahmen für diesen eleganten Uhrturm!

Mhelene on church clock
Great framing and superb tones.

Marjolein on church clock
Good to see this big watch :-)

Existence Artistique on traffic sign
bien dans tous les sens

franz on traffic sign
Schöne städtische Architektur und herrlich blauer Himmel. Bloß, wenn man dem Verkehrszeichen folgt, ...

Devi on traffic sign
:))))))))))))No traffic jam ahead ! Beautiful image :)

Michael Skorulski on traffic sign
A beautiful urban scene, Nina. I know this means there is a roundabout ahead but I prefer to think it is telling cars ...

Existence Artistique on red berries
c'est superbe

Marjolein on red berries
We call them `cardinal hats` in Dutch

franz on Nature
Was für eine ruhige und friedliche Szenerie! Die Diagonale kommt gut zur Geltung!

Ruthiebear on Nature
A peaceful view

Existence Artistique on Nature

Devi on Nature
a lovely place to walk os even sit on the bank of this canal with a book !!!

Michael Skorulski on Nature
A lovely shot of this little canal.

franz on Winter
Ein sehr ansprechendes Ensemble - Baum, Kapelle, und ein Hauch von Schnee!

Devi on Winter
what a beautiful image here !

Existence Artistique on Winter
c'est une bonne recherche

Existence Artistique on town hall
bien ce toit

Devi on town hall
Beautiful architectural details !! Wonderful image !

Marjolein on town hall
What a fine town hall

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