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25 February 2020

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30 April 2019

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washer drum
16 February 2019

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golden leaves
26 January 2019

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26 November 2018

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ice cream and cake
2 November 2018

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25 October 2018

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church clock
31 January 2018

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2 May 2017

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17 March 2017

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one leaf on a car bonnet
10 November 2016

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16 March 2016

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red bike
7 January 2016

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game over
25 October 2013

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ship's rigging
9 October 2013

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28 July 2013

Recent Comments

mE on violet crocus
Zum träumen. Klasse Bildaufteilung und vor allem leuchten die krokuse richtig.

Abby on violet crocus
Original with ice in the background. Magnificent colors and light!

omid on violet crocus
Lovely flowers & colors!

jpla on violet crocus
Des crocus bien mis en valeur JP

Existence Artistique on violet crocus

Shaun on violet crocus
Excellent color and detail on the flowers.

Steven on violet crocus
Gorgeous color and clarity! Amazing how they have the ability to showcase their beauty through the snow.

Anne on violet crocus
Très joli

Marjolein on violet crocus
Nice, no good soft hues of the crocuses in the snow

Gérard on violet crocus
Oh yes, superbly done !

Ralf Kesper on violet crocus
Das Bild ist wunderschön!

omid on view from above
Lovely view & colors.

mE on view from above
Klasse Sicht und sehr schöner Blick über das Tal zu den gegenüber liegenden Bergkette.

Abby on view from above
Excellent view and green/blue/brown!

Elaine Hancock on view from above
A gorgeous view. I like the foliage in the foreground. Beautifully composed image.

Existence Artistique on view from above

Steven on view from above
A splendid view with beautiful elements captured in the background and foreground!!

Ralf Kesper on view from above
Schönes, gutgestaltetes Landschaftsbild.

Shaun on view from above
A really excellent view to admire.

Ralf Kesper on gooseberry cake
Omnomnom! :)))

Existence Artistique on gooseberry cake

Steven on gooseberry cake
Looks absolutely delish! I love its flakiness.

Shaun on gooseberry cake
This looks delicious. Great capture.

beach on gooseberry cake
Ah, haven't had any gooseberry pie since my grandma made it when I was a kid, must be 50 years. Looks so good.

Elaine Hancock on salad
This is gorgeous! Such beautiful bright colors. It looks healthy and delicious.

omid on salad
Mmmm...! :)

mE on salad
Hmmmmmm lecker, Stelle doch dein foto Objekt, das nächste mal, etwas weiter weg von den gefliesten Hintergrund ...

Existence Artistique on salad

Shaun on salad
I am sure you will enjoy this salad. Excellent capture.

Steven on salad
A beautiful layered salad! Looks delicious. They're so eye-catching to see right before the mixing begins. Great ...

beach on salad
Seven Layer Salad or some variation of? Love it. Makes a nice photo and a delicious meal.

Marjolein on salad
Mmm...that looks nice/lekker and attractiv

Ralf Kesper on salad
Das sieht lecker aus!

Elaine Hancock on harmonious colors
This is adorable! They are such cute little birds and they match the chair colors perfectly! Well seen!

Existence Artistique on harmonious colors
génial ce duo

Shaun on harmonious colors
A magnificent capture of the sparrows resting. 5*

Ralf Kesper on harmonious colors
Klein und frech! :)

mE on blue hydrangea
Hast du sehr schön eingefangen. Mit den riesigen Blüten habe ich irgendwie immer Probleme.

Ralf Kesper on blue hydrangea
Schöner Gruss in den Vorfrühling.

Existence Artistique on blue hydrangea

Shaun on blue hydrangea
Excellent look at the Hydrangea.

beach on blue hydrangea

Ronnie 2¢ on blue hydrangea
Glorious . . and they offer so many variations of 'blue' !

Elaine Hancock on morning sun
I like the light shadow. Wonderful contrast of textures.

Ralf Kesper on morning sun
Schöne Findlinge!

Shaun on morning sun
Excellent capture Nina.

Existence Artistique on morning sun
bien intéressant

Abby on pack of cards
I hope you are the winner!

Steven on pack of cards
Your face card is so realistic compared to many decks I come across!

beach on pack of cards
Not a very good hand by the looks of it. Nice shot.

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